Victorious: Buffalo kiss that lives in a private Sanctuary is a hit on social networks!

An unlikely case of survival in the animal world. This is how the story of the ‘star’ of the Anjinhos da Rua Project, the world’s largest private sanctuary for the defense of abandoned animals, is classified by the press.

Victorious is from the Murrah breed, is 4 years old and weighs almost 1 ton. Very docile and domesticated, the star loves to cool off in the lake he owns in the project where he lives. For those who have had the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary, you have known how special it is: it loves to kiss and take pictures! But the buffalo story is exciting and deserves to be told.

In late 2014, on a road near the Anjinhos da Rua Project in Peruíbe – South Coast of São Paulo, Victor’s mother was run over at dawn and the sanctuary vets were called in to help her. In serious condition, the buffalo was taken to the project and kept her alive for three months until the calf could be born. Even with the pain of the accident, the mother was not unglued to the baby buffalo, but unfortunately, 40 days after giving birth, the buffalo died.

The little one missed her so much. But, Chalana Machado and the entire team of Project Anjinhos da Rua, managed to take care of the Victor with much love, affection and dedication. An Indian, a friend of the Machado family, suggested that they heat the milk to give him – who was not willing to breastfeed – with the hot milk, it seemed that he was suckling on his mother.

Named after his story, Victorious was and is treated as a true star who gets along with the more than 1,500 animals of all species living in the project and the humans who know him as well, even smiling to take away. photos and selfies – he loves it.

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