Anjinhos da Rua Project – The world’s largest private sanctuary for abandoned animals!

Anjinhos da Rua Project, the world’s largest private sanctuary for abandoned animals, is located in the city of Peruíbe and has an area of over 1 million square meters, dedicated to the care of abandoned animals and / or mistreated animals. human being.

Started in 2006 and maintained since then by the Machado family, the Anjinhos da Rua Project arises through an abandoned former dog, Quinho, who through his eyes, through a spiritual manifestation, showed his owner and best friend, Henrique Machado, that a project should start, where animals like him would be rescued and would have the opportunity to experience love, care, comfort and safety in large doses, no longer at the risk of suffering from abuse, abandonment or any contempt on the part of the animal. man.

In its nearly 13 years of existence, the Anjinhos da Rua Project has saved thousands of animals, and currently houses and cares for over 1,300 animals of the most varied species, including dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits, horses, cows, oxen. Buffalo. In addition, Anjinhos da Rua Project provides cutting-edge veterinary treatments through a full body of professionals, medicines and the best quality equipment.

It should also be noted that all the work done on the Project is FREE, where hundreds of citizens who are unable to afford the veterinary medical expenses of their pets are met every day.

Project Anjinhos da Rua’s mission is to transmit love through simple gestures, spreading attention and affection to others, encouraging the population to embrace the animal cause, demonstrating that everyone, without distinction, deserves to live with dignity, joy and the necessary minimum conditions. good survival, which unfortunately has not been practiced by humans.

Following this philosophy of love and providing conditions for everyone to live a dignified life for the near future, the Anjinhos da Rua Project plans to take a bigger step in its journey, shaping a program for the protection of children, seniors and the wronged of society.

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