Veterinarian’s Day: a day to thank the professionals who care for the animals with such zeal and affection

Veterinary Day is celebrated on September 9 through Decree No. 23.133, which created the standard for the work of the Veterinary Doctor in Brazil and for teaching this profession. In recognition, Veterinary Day started to be celebrated on that date.

According to the Wikipedia site, “Veterinary Medicine is the science that is dedicated to the prevention, control, eradication and treatment of diseases, injuries or any other harm to the health of animals.

For us, from the Anjinhos da Rua Project, it goes far beyond the nomenclatures imposed by the rules. To be a veterinarian is to have love and empathy with each being that comes into your hands. It is fighting for the health and welfare of animals. It is fighting for each being to have a dignified and painless life. It is to fight with love every day when starting your activities.

We would like, on behalf of all the animals that live, that have already passed and will still pass through the sanctuary, to thank for the dedication of all the Veterinarians of the Projeto Anjinhos da Rua, the largest private sanctuary in the world for the defense of abandoned animals. Our thanks and congratulations on that day.

Many thanks also to the veterinarians from all over the world who always fight for the life of all animals and never, under any circumstances, reap the life of any being.

“Animals have a soul and are worth their best friends.” Chico Xavier

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