Castration: We want to fight the cause to end the effect!

Castration is the solution to the number of animals abandoned in the four corners of the country. There are more than 30 million animals abandoned across our country and the number is increasing every day. For this reason, the Anjinhos da Rua Project, the world’s largest private sanctuary for abandoned animals, has widespread dissemination and support on the importance of castration. The goal is to fight the cause to end the effect of abandoned animals and victims of abuse. All animals that live in the sanctuary are castrated, as well as those in needy that are cared for daily and free of charge.

In addition to campaigns and encouragement to castrate animals, to prevent the growth of dogs and cats and to prevent possible diseases, Anjinhos da Rua fights for the population that loves, has animals or are sympathizers of the animal cause, estimated at 180 millions of people, keep in mind the act of adopting and not buying.

Who buys animals collaborates with the sad and pitiful trade of the conditions imposed on those who live only for breeding, and the project is totally against any and all animal exploitation, much less encouraging the purchase.

So adopt and do not buy. Castre, do not abandon. Welcome and do not turn your back on animals that are victims of abandonment, mistreatment and lack a dignified life.

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