Spiritual Sanctuary Beyond the Gaze – eternalize your best friend and loved ones

A pioneering project that brings together spirituality and virtual platforms in order to comfort, guide and bring people who have lost their animals or loved ones closer together.

In addition to the physical space - at the Projeto Anjinhos da Rua, in Peruíbe, on the South Coast of São Paulo - it is also possible to have your virtual space with the name and information of your animals or loved ones who have departed and who do not have their ashes. In addition, you will have a support network with messages of comfort and affection.

The (VU) Virtual Urn is for everyone who has lost a pet or loved one. A Virtual Urn will be made available with name, age, phrase and information you want in the tribute. It is also possible to schedule a visit to the Projeto Anjinhos da Rua, where there are physical urns and many animals that live with a lot of love!

Monthly values:

The member pays the amount of R$ 100.00/month and will be entitled to virtual space, physical space and visit to the sanctuary.

It is worth remembering that the amount paid will go to Projeto Anjinhos da Rua, the largest private sanctuary in the world for the defense of abandoned animals.


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