Cents that save thousands of animals!

Register your credit card and round the cents for the Anjinhos da Rua Project

Another novelty has arrived for people who want to make a better world and collaborate with a serious, dignified animal project that has saved and still saves thousands of animals of all races and species daily.

The Anjinhos da Rua Project needs you! We are the largest private sanctuary for the defense of animals in the world, with 1 million square meters and located in Peruíbe, South Coast of São Paulo, we serve more than 1500 animals.
Your pennies are critical to keeping this dream alive.

By registering your Mastercard credit card * on our website, for each transaction carried out, the “invisible” cents will be rounded up and sent to animals.

What may be minimal in our eyes can save many lives!

Registration is very simple:

– enter the site projetoanjinhosdarua.com.br/centavos

– register with your Name, CPF, E-mail and Password (or, to make it easier, you can register through your Facebook account);

– enter your Mastercard Credit Card Number; Name Printed on Card, Validity and CVV

– ready! For each purchase made, the system will round the cents and allocate it to the Anjinhos da Rua Project

Remember that rounding never exceeds R $ 0.99 per purchase, and that there is a minimum monthly donation of R $ 5.00.

An easy and secure system. Each month on your invoice will include a description of how much you donated to the institution. In addition, if you are surprised by the amount allocated and want to decrease the donation amount do not worry: you can define the amount you want. The important thing is to register with all love and affection for our Street Angels.

* soon other flags will also be active in the campaign

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